Итоговая контрольная работа в рамках промежуточной аттестации по английскому языку 10 класс 2022 года (задания и ответы)

Итоговая контрольная работа в рамках промежуточной аттестации по английскому языку 10 класс 2022 года (задания и ответы)Работа предназначена для проведения итоговой аттестации 2022 по английскому языку в 10 классе. Работа составлена в двух вариантах и включает в себя задания, ответы и критерии проверки

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Интересные задания

Exercise 2
Complete the sentences with the correct past form of the verb in brackets.
1. Jane ………. (watch) TV while I ………. (water) the plants. A was watching, had watered; B was watching, was watering; C would watch, would water
2. Ian ………. (ask) Tina out yesterday but she ……… (already/make) plans. A had asked, had already made; B was asking, already made; C asked, had already made
3. Who ………. (you/talk) to on the phone when I ………. (come) in? A were you talking, came; B you talked, came; C had been you talking, had come
4. Two days ago Yvonne ………. (return) the book I ………. (lend) her. A returned, had lent; B had returned, lent; C would return, lend
5. Owen ………. (type) his essay when the computer ………. (crash).
A typed, had been crashing; B was typing, crashed; C had typed, crashed

Exercise 3
Match the types of schools (1-5) to the descriptions (A-E):
1. boarding school
2. single-sex school
3. co-educational school
4. state school
5. private school
A) a school for boys and girls;
B) a school you usually have to pay to go to;
C) a school for only boys or only girls;
D) a school owned by the government;
E) a school which students live in during school term.

Exercise 4
Fill in the gap with the correct present form of the verb in brackets:
1. She ……….. (sleep) since noon. Should we wake her up? A sleeps B has slept C has been sleeping
2. I ……. (not/read) this book. Can I borrow it for a week or so? A haven’t read B am not reading C doesn’t read
3. They must be at the sports ground now. They usually ……. (play) basketball on Fridays. A plays B play C are playing
4. Maria is good at languages. She …….. (speak) French, Spanish and German. A speaks B speak C is speaking
5. I ….. (cook) breakfast right now. Can you call a little later? A cook B has been cooking C am cooking
6. Jane ………. (play) tennis since 2 o’clock. A has been playing B have been playing C plays
7. She can’t come to the phone now because she ……. (study) for tomorrow’s test. A studies B is studying C have studied
8. I ……… (finish) my work already. I’m ready to go for a walk with you. A have finished B have been finishing C finish
9. ……….. (you / come) to my party this Saturday? A you coming B do you come C are you coming
10. I (not/eat) a fried meal since I began to follow a diet. A haven’t eaten B am not eating C doesn’t eat

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