ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс 2023. Новый тренировочный вариант №1 — №220919 (задания и ответы)

ЕГЭ по английскому языку 11 класс 2023. Новый тренировочный вариант №1 - №220919 (задания и ответы)ЕГЭ 2023. Экзаменационная работа по английскому языку состоит из четырёх разделов («Аудирование», «Чтение», «Грамматика и лексика», «Письмо»), включающих в себя 38 заданий. На выполнение экзаменационной работы отводится 3 часа 10 минут (190 минут)

В конце варианта приведены правильные ответы ко всем заданиям. Вы можете свериться с ними и найти у себя ошибки.

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Интересные задания

12. The narrator was looking forward to meeting with his father because he…
1) hoped that his parents would get back together.
2) expected to get a valuable present from him.
3) wanted to stay with him in New York.
4) missed the feeling of being with him.

13. The narrator’s request to meet was accepted by his father…
1) unwillingly.
2) with great pleasure.
3) is business-like manner.
4) with much hope and expectation.

14. The narrator wanted to be photographed with his father because…
1) it was the happiest time of his life.
2) he was proud of his father’s good looks.
3) he wanted to boast of his father to his friends.
4) he wished to remember their moments together.

15. The father did not invite his son to his club because…
1) the son was pressed for time to catch a train.
2) it was necessary to book in advance to enter the club.
3) the man feared that his son would not behave properly.
4) it was a closed club with no children allowed.

16. The father’s behaviour in the first restaurant was inappropriate as he…
1) was too boisterous in an empty restaurant.
2) could not afford to pay the bill.
3) tried to boast of his knowledge of foreign languages.
4) treated the waiter in a rude manner.

17. The waiter in the next restaurant refused to bring them more drinks as…
1) the son looked pale and faint.
2) the boy was too young to drink alcohol.
3) the restaurant was closing soon.
4) the waiter got angry with the son.

18. The title of the story «Reunion» actually implies that the…
1) son found his lost father after decades of separation.
2) son would now be living together with his father.
3) son made an attempt to re-establish relations with his father.
4) «father — son» relations are what both sides feel the need for.

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