Олимпиада для учащихся 1-5 классов «От звездочек – к звездам!» по Английскому языку (задания и ответы)

Олимпиада для учащихся 1-5 классов «От звездочек – к звездам!» по Английскому языку (задания и ответы) Олимпиаду «От звездочек – к звездам!» по английскому языку пишут школьники по всей России. Олимпиады для выявление и развития у младших школьников творческих способностей и интереса к научно-исследовательской деятельности, пропаганды научных знаний, содействия ранней профессиональной ориентации младших школьников. Официальная дата проведения с 1 декабря по 20 декабря

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Некоторые интересные задания 1-3 класс:

Задание 1. Выберите слово, в котором подчеркнутая буква (буквы) произносится иначе/ Choose an odd word out:
а) his
b) let
c) friend
d) egg
a) food
b) mouse
c) zoo
d) you
a) game
b) play
c) date
d) can
a) dark
b) start
c) ask
d) fall
a) hit
b) swim
c) night
d) pig

Task 1: _____________ / 10 points
Задание 2. Сопоставьте слово с его значением/ Match the word with its meaning:
1. snowballs a) прятки
2. yellow b) слон
3. hide-and-seek с) снежки
4. write d)желтый
5. elephant e) писать

Task 2: _____________ / 10 points
Задание 3. Выберите лишнее по значению слово/ Choose an odd word out:
b) ski
c) hopscotch
d) tag
a) apricot
b) tomato
c) plum
d) orange
a) to ski
b) to sledge
c)to skip
d) to skate
a) lion
b) elephant
c) giraffe
d) parrot
a) it
b) his
c) she
d) you

Task 3: _____________ / 10 points
Задание 4. Расставьте слова в правильном порядке/ Put the words in the correct order:
1. are/ you / Where/ from/ ?
2. brother/ hasn’t/ My/ a /got/ skateboard.
3. cousin/ the piano/ play/ can/ Her.

Task 4: _____________ / 6 points
Задание 5. Выберите правильный ответ/ Choose the correct alternative:
1. … he want to be a dentist?
a) Does
b) Do
c) Are

2. What colour …?
a) it is
b) does it
c) is it

3. Jane … playing tennis now. She is at home.
a) doesn’t
b) isn’t
c) is

4. Sam … a parrot at the Zoo yesterday.
a) saw
b) see
c) looked

5. Mike has got a pet. … pet is a dog.
a) My
b) His
c) Her

6. … is the symbol of Moscow.
a) Big Ben
b) The Big Apple
c) Red Square

7. … is the river in London
a) The Volga
b) The Mississippi
c) the Thames

Task 5: _____________ / 14 points
Задание 6. Прочитайте текст/ Read the text.
It was Sunday yesterday. Ann’s parents were not at home. They went to visit Ann’s grandfather. Ann didn’t go with them. She did her homework and played the piano. Then she read a book about birds. In the evening her school friend came to see her. They played games and watched TV.
They saw a very funny film about Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They liked the film very much. When mother and father came, Ann said, “I had a very good time”.

6.1. Выберите подходящий заголовок/ Choose the best title:
a) Ann’s Saturday
b) Ann’s Sunday
c) The Weekend
Task 6.1.: _____________ / 2 points

6.2. Отметьте утверждения, соответствующие содержанию текста/ Choose the true sentences:
1. It was Saturday yesterday.
2. Ann did not to see her grandfather.
3. Ann’s parents were not at home.
4. Ann played with her kitten.
5. She watched a film about Mother Hen.
6. Ann had a good time.

Некоторые интересные задания 4-5 класс:

Task 1. Choose the word with a different vowel sound.

Answer 1:

Answer 2:

Answer 3:

Answer 4:

Task 3. Read the text and mark the sentences True (1), False (2), or Doesn’t say (3).
Why are the British so bad at learning languages?
The British are bad at speaking foreign languages. It’s a fact. In any city around Europe you can find British tourists asking for the restaurant menu in English. At best they will try to say a couple of phrases they have learnt from a phrase book. But they will stop making an effort the moment they discover the waiter knows a little English.
Only 5% of British people can count to 20 in another language. So why is this? Laziness is possibly the key factor. There is a general feeling among British people that ‘everyone speaks English nowadays so it’s not worth learning other languages’. In multinational companies English is often the official language of communication within the company. Also, British people who live abroad can always find other British expatriates to talk to. To watch British TV with, even to go to British pubs with all reasons for never bothering to learn the local language. The situation in British schools doesn’t help. Ten years ago, about 80% of children at secondary school studied a foreign language. Today that number has gone down to 40%. And even the few pupils who study foreign languages at school don’t have as many hours of classes as pupils in other European countries. It is also a problem that British children don’t study English grammar any more, which makes it more difficult for them to learn the grammar of another language.
1. British people rarely travel abroad.
Answer 1:
2. British pupils are lazy.
Answer 2:
3. Most pupils in Britain study a foreign language nowadays.
Answer 3:
4. British children don’t know enough about their own grammar.
Answer 4:
5. Language teachers in British schools are not very good.
Answer 5:

Task 4. Choose the word which is different.

Answer 1:

Answer 2:

Answer 3:

Answer 4:

Task 6. Choose the correct item.
1. ___ any brothers or sisters?
a Have you
b Do you
c Do you have

2. In the picture the woman ___ a blue dress.
a wears
b wearing
c is wearing

3. She drives ___ than her brother.
a much faster
b much more fastly
c much more fast

4. My sister drinks ___ coffee.
a too many
b too much
c too

5. When I got home my parents ___ on the sofa.
a were sitting
b sat
c sit

6. We had a great time, ___ the weather wasn’t very good.
a so
b because
c although

7. A What time ___ tomorrow? B At 8.00.
a you leave
b do you leave
c are you leaving

8. A Has Anne arrived ___? B No, but she’s on her way.
a just
b yet
c already

9. A When ___ those shoes? B Last week.
a have you bought
b did you buy
c do you buy

10. I don’t want ___ to eat, thanks. I’m not hungry.
a anything
b nothing
c something

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